Will a robot take my job?

Use this calculator to see if your job is at risk of being taken by a robot 

We all’ve heard about the intention of some rail companies to introduce driverless trains to improve the efficiency of the service and reduce operational costs. We are already used to self-service terminals in Macdonald’s and PA Alexa helping us with household chores.

With the fast developing technologies more and more jobs can be at risk.

Workers in wholesale and retail sectors at highest risk from breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence, PwC report finds.The report also states that the biggest impact would be on workers who had left school with GCSEs or lower.

Because women tend to work in sectors that require a higher level of education and social skills, PwC said they would be less in jeopardy of losing their jobs than men, who were more likely to work in sectors such as manufacturing and transportation. Thirty-five per cent of male jobs were identified as being at high risk against 26% of female jobs.

NPR developed a Calculator that shows which jobs are more likely to be affected by the progress in technology. They used Oxford University research and other key factors including the amount of negotiation in a role, to provide an apparently accurate prediction of whether powerful cyborgs will start stealing employment.

But there’s no need to worry about your job being threatened if you’re a mental health worker, as that’s the hardest job that robots would be able to do – with just a 0.3 chance of robot takeover. Surgeons, dentists, teachers and social workers are all safe as well.

Credits: Guardian , NPR

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