How To Write a CV That Works

Blue Fox Recruit are flat fee recruitment specialists who deliver quality recruitment service. Having worked for many years in the industry we have helped a lot of clients to fill the roles and candidates to get their desired jobs. These days the majority of employers recruit online and with so many candidates in the market, the competition for every role is high.

So, how can you stand out from the crowd?

The first step is to write an effective CV that will showcase your skills, experience, interests and aspirations. On average a recruiter will spend 30 sec skimming through a CV, so it’s pivotal to get it right!

This is one of the most crucial parts of the job seeking process, but for many candidates it is also the most difficult one. Blue Fox Recruit have experience of both writing professional CVs and coaching for Interviews, so below are just some tips on how to write a great CV.

Draw on Your Skills

Once you have the basics of work history and education down, start to think about your skills. While experience will also be important, employers increasingly want to know not just what you have done before but what else you can do. Emphasise skills that are relevant to the jobs you want to apply for, but don’t be afraid to put down some other skills. They will show that you are a rounded individual, and may be able to step outside your remit when required.


When submitting a CV as part of a job application, it is important to ensure it is well presented.

  • Pay close attention to the layout when writing a CV, and ensure that it looks neat and professional. While there will be a lot of information you want to get across, it is important not to let it look crowded, so you may have to prioritise and cut less important things out.
  • Ensure your CV is no longer than two A-4 size pages. To free up some space don’t include such personal information as D.O.B., marital status as this is not required.
  • Consider using bullet points as they help reader to get the key facts from your CV fast.
  • When submitting a physical CV, print it on good-quality white paper. However, most roles now recruit online. In this case, a PDF can look more professional than a Word document.
  • Do not include photos or any graphics (unless you are applying for a job in a creative sector).
  • Do a spell check of your document.

Include Your Interests

Employers increasingly want to get an overview of a candidate as a person as well as just seeing a list of their skills, education and experience. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, a person’s interests are a rich source of transferable skills, so this can help employers get a more complete view of a candidate’s suitability for the role. Secondly, it will help them get a glimpse of your personality, which will make it easier for them to decide how you will fit in with a team and with the company culture.

Consider Professional CV Writing

If you are stuck in the process of CV writing or simply pressed for time, consider using professional CV writing service offered by Blue Fox Recruit.

We can either review and improve your current CV or create one from scratch after having a telephone consultation with you. In both cases, you will get a professional written CV that can significantly boost your chances of landing an interview and bring you one step closer to getting a job offer.

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