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Frequently asked questions

Why Choose flat fee recruitment over a traditional agency?

More and more businesses are using online recruitment as an efficient and cost effective way of sourcing their staff or seeking to outsource some of the time consuming recruitment processes like CV screening and database searches in order to free up their internal HR teams.

Flat free recruitment when carried out by an experienced provider will save you time and money. The Company will pay only one pre-agreed amount for the service irrespective of the number of hires made during the length of one campaign.

At Blue Fox Recruit we offer flat fee recruitment solutions to small and big businesses that offer great flexibility, one of the broadest range of services to choose from – and all at one fixed fee.

How will flat fee recruitment save me money?

Our recruitment plans start from as little as £199 per campaign when agencies normally charge a fee equivalent to 14% to 25% of the annual salary of the hired individual. Our Business & Premium Recruitment campaigns offer full recruitment service that you would expect from the agency with telephone screening and interviewing included as standard. All at one low fixed fee saving you thousands in agency fees!

If during the length of one campaign you make multiple hires – you don’t need to pay any extra, as you would have to when working with a traditional agency.

Moreover, at Blue Fox Recruit you decide on the level of input you require from us. We have a range of tailored packages to meet your various needs and budgets and a broad range of ‘Bolts on’ to choose from. So you only pay for the services that you need.

What Recruitment Plan is best for the role I need to fill?

There is no one answer to this question and we would recommend contacting us to discuss your specific needs if in doubt.

We can help with filling any role, within any sector or location.

If your roles does not require hard to find skills or a very specific experience, if you just need help with sourcing a good volume of quality candidates whose applications are pre-screened and stored in on place, then the Economy plan will be a great cost effective solution for you.

If you need help with sourcing candidates with skills and experience that are in demand or hard to find, and you need help with CV screening, candidates interviewing and more – then Business or Premium plans would best suit your needs.

We also have a range of ‘Bolts On‘ services so that you can tailor your recruitment campaign as you see fit.

Which Job Boards will you use to source candidates for my vacancy?

Dependent on the Plan you have chosen, the candidate sourcing channels will vary and may include all leading generic job boards like TotalJobs, Monster, Indeed, Fish4Jobs as well as industry specific job boards. eg, IT Job Board. Business and Premium plans also include database searches including one of the best professional networks LinkedIn.

Why not advertise on job boards directly?

There are hundreds of job boards out there and it can be very time consuming to select the one that would be right for your role. Cost of advertising on job boards can be very high and savings can only be achieved by buying a lot of job ad credits in advance.

By using Blue Fox Recruit you don’t just get your vacancy advertised on multiple leading job boards. We’ll provide you with our recruitment expertise in selecting the right job sites and optimising your job ad to enable attraction of quality candidates for the role.

Blue Fox Recruit will act as your recruitment partner carrying out candidates’ CV filtering, screening and storing them all in one online place ready for you to review when the time suits you. If you require higher level of support – we are always there for you.

How do I manage applications for my vacancy?

With our complimentary Candidate Management System it’s easy as 1-2-3. Once you have signed up for a service you will get 24×7 access to our powerful online platform that will let you see all quality applicants to your vacancy. You can use the system to communicate with your candidates via the email, move them to different staes as they progresss through the process, and search the pool of applications. You will have full ownership of all the candidates’ CVs.

What's involved in telephone screening and telephone interviewing?

Telephone screening is a great way of ensuring that only the best shortlisted candidates go through to the interview stage. Telephone screening lasts about 15-20 minutes and aims to establish whether the candidate meets the required level of core competencies for the role. During this screening we also assess candidate’s communication and engagement skills, and verify whether the candidate has valid work permit, qualifications etc.

Telephone interviewing is a structured and more indepth process during which the candidate’s suitability for the role is verified. Competency based questions are normally used and the interview lasts for 30 mins. Feedback is provided to the clients to make further decision on the candidates.

How do you manage candidate experience?

We pride ourselves in providing all our candidates with a positive candidate experience. We guarantee that every candidate receives an email acknowledging their application, as this is the number one frustration for jobseekers when applying online.

By using our Candidate Management System we stay in touch with all the applicants informing them on the status of their applications and providing them with further feedback when needed.

Moreover, we answer candidate enquiries on your behalf providing even better candidate experience.

How can I get started?

Just contact us to discuss your recruitment needs. Once we have received your order, we’ll optimise your Job Description and contact you to get it approved. Once approved, we’ll start the process immediately. Normally, it all happens on the same day.

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